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Board of Directors

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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Someones Name

SIG Coordinator/Chair

  • Lead Direction of SIG
  • Recruit Leadership Team
  • Schedule Leader Meetings / Publish Meeting Minutes
  • Coordinate and Assist Volunteers

Position Description

SIG Coordinator
The SIG Coordinator will function as the Chairperson for this group and as such is an important representative of the group as well as the OAUG. This role will lead the direction of the SIG, recruit the leadership team, schedule the SIG Board conference calls, produce an agenda for all the SIG Board conference calls, publish meeting minutes, coordinate and assist all the volunteers. The SIG Coordinator will also serve as the facilitator of the SIG meetings at Conferences or delegate this role to another member if the SIG Coordinator cannot attend.

Someones Name

Co-SIG Coordinator, Programs and Education Coordinator

  • Coordinate SIG meetings at COLLABORATE and OpenWorld Conferences
  • E-Learning Coordinator
  • Paper Selection for COLLABORATE Conference

Position Description

Programs and Education Coordinator Description
This role will be responsible for coordinating the eLearning program and as such will lead all programs related such as web casts, speakers for web casts, and communicate the eLearning programs to the SIG members. This role will also coordinate the Key note and guest speakers for the SIG meetings at Conferences, communicate presentation opportunities to the SIG members, and assist with paper selections for the Conferences.

Someones Name

Partner Liaison -

  • Establish contact with community partners
  • Participate in and help coordinate sponsored events
  • Field community partner requests

Someones Name

Marketing Coordinator

  • Coordinate SIG Marketing Activities
  • Outreach to increase Membership
  • Maintaining Membership Lists

Position Description

Marketing Coordinator
This role will be responsible for all marketing activities for the SIG meetings at Conferences including coordination with vendors and all arrangements for any SIG meeting receptions. The role will be responsible for increasing and maintaining the SIG membership, provide membership e-mails as required for other Board members, and coordinating announcements to the SIG members.

Someones Name


Position Description

Secretary Description
The Secretary will be responsible for creating the agenda for the board meetings and taking minutes during the board calls, as well as at the user meetings.

Someones Name

Co-Geo/SIG User Group Liaisons

Position Description

GEO/SIG Coordinator Description
The GEO/SIG Coordinator(s) will help create and maintain relationships among the various local Oracle User Groups and with the SIG Leadership team. The role will also interface with the Oracle to coordinate events and arrange speakers, as well as make sure there is no duplicated content at conferences.

Board Members-At-Large

Person's Name, Company
Person's Name, Company
Person's Name, Company

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